Christmas Tree

This year's Christmas Tree was personally harvested from the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, from the Lake 22 trailhead.  I believe it's a silver fir.

Magnuson Fall Walk

One of the last few days of crunchy leaves and dry ground was spent circumnavigating Magnuson Park.  This is trail along its south edge.

St. Patrick's Bridge, Calgary

The flooding Calgary experienced in 2013 hampered construction of this attractive bridge, and the recently-poured concrete deck had to be replaced.  The arches (fabricated in Quebec) and foundations withstood the flooding per their design.

It's hard to see how $25M went into the construction, given that it is a pedestrian bridge, but it sure is pretty.

Point Pelee

Point Pelee stretches into Lake Erie and is the southernmost point of Canada that you can walk to.  (Pelee Island, and Middle Island beyond that, make up the southernmost parts of the country). The sand of the point itself shifts from year to year depending on the level of the lake and the way the currents choose to swirl.

Wurlitzer Building

It wasn't quite sold along with a coffee, but the Wurlitzer Building was sold for perhaps $1.1M (or $1.4M, depending on who you believe) in May of this year.  Plans are to turn it into a luxury hotel.

Good luck to the buyer!  There was no evidence of any renovation at all in October.

Heildelberg Project, Detroit

The Heidelberg Project limps on, while Detroit continues to decline.  Many of the houses that had striking and original decorations have burned down since my last visit.

Backlit Fir

A backlit fir guards the trail on the way to Guye Peak, on a separate outing than the last.  I was scouting possible snowshoeing routes, and gaining familiarity with the terrain.

Guye Peak from Snoqualmie Mountain

Guye Peak is the knob in the center; Commonwealth Basin stretches out to the left (east) of it.  Cave Ridge between this vantage point leading up to Snoqualmie Mountain and the saddle separating Commonwealth Basin and Alpental.

Maple Leaves Turning

Now, fall is underway.  Trees that haven't gotten enough water are the first to turn.  This maple is very yellow, while others around it still have useful green leaves.

Golden Gardens

Summer isn't quite over.  Plenty of folks are enjoying a weekday evening at Golden Gardens, facing the Olympics across Puget Sound.

Huskies vs California

I've spent a number of years living near the University of Washington, but only just now have attended a Huskies game.  The weather was lovely, and the crowd lively.

Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak shows very little snow at the end of the 2015 summer in the foreground, with Mt Rainier, Addams, and St Helens in the far distance.


This lovingly restored civic gate sits below urban towers and next to a lively market in Seoul, South Korea.  Hopefully it will keep out Kim Jong Un.

Gangnam Style

A twilight view over the southern end of the Gangnam district of Seoul. The office tower to the left showed up as a backdrop to PSY's video. (We managed a visit without the song being inflicted upon us.)

New York Bar, Park Hyatt Tokyo

If you've seen Lost in Translation, you'll know the Park Hyatt Tokyo.  This is the bar behind the piano lounge, which is in front of an expansive view of Shinjuku.