This spectacular light was found in a town park in Superior, Colorado. An overnight snowfall was still clinging to the trees despite noontime sun, as it remained well below freezing. I believe this is some kind of cottonwood, though I'm not confident.

Eldora, Colorado

Eldora Mountain Resort offers some fine skiing and is quite convenient to those living in Boulder.  We spent a day out in the cross country area, and the conditions were gorgeous.  Unlike in the Pacific Northwest, cold temperatures lead to a consistently powdery show surface.  It was dry and cold, rather than wet and warm.

Avery's Barrel-Aged Series

One advantage to being a successful brewery is that there's room in the budget for experimentation. Avery started putting beer into barrels in 2008, and their Barrel-Aged Series has resulted in a wide range of interesting brews. Barrels are sourced from those used for Portugese madeira, Maker's Mark bourbon, and Gosling's rum.

The expense and limited scale of production, paired with a strong demand, means that this sort of beer is ridiculously expensive and difficult to obtain.

Avery Brewing

Avery is a not so micro brewery, based in a modest strip mall in Boulder. The stout and ale served here in their taproom were both excellent.

They've been so commercially successful that they're soon to be moving to a purpose-built property in a new location across town.

Bill Hughes

This spectacular oil painting was Bill Hughes' last. Land of Condor shows a fantastic geography and a mastery of good light. It makes me want to seek out the fictional land in the artist's eye, and go hiking there.

Seen at the excellent Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art in Boulder.

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

People say she's crazy.

Corso Como is both a pedestrian mall in Milan, and a moderately priced shoe brand.