Cruising Bald Eagle

This bald eagle definitely knows that I'm looking at him. He was cruising above and diving down onto a field of freshly cut hay.

There must have been some tasty pickings among the rodents uncovered by the mower, as the field attracted at least a dozen mature and immature bald eagles.

Ladybug among Coastal Reeds

A ladybug crawls up a loose reed along a tidal shoreline.

It reached the end, then flew away.

Bouncing Beach Deer

A family of deer were traveling along the beach when they encountered us. Hemmed in by the ocean and a steep bluff, one elected to scramble up the bank, but the rest chose to bounce past at high speed. They were amazingly fast, and close.

NOAA Sand Point Forecasting

The National Weather Service has numerous local forecasting centers, and the forecasts for Seattle are prepared here at NOAA Sand Point. This is the meteorologist on shift, and he just finished typing the afternoon text forecast. I wonder if the view over Lake Washington is a bit distracting? Alternatively, the view might provide a small sanity check against the soon-to-be-released forecast.

Discovery Park Low Tide

Quite a low tide (-2ft) at Discovery Park for this walk. Plenty of marine life was uncovered, and one could walk an unexpectedly large distance out on the sand.

Crazy Old Growth Angles

I find it difficult composing a striking image in forested areas, as it is hard to avoid distracting elements among the clutter of the undergrowth. These fallen old growth spruce trunks provide some crazy angles, helping out with an interesting picture.

Down the Rainforest Path

The last time I published a picture like this, it was in a canyon below the shrub-steppe in central Washington east of the Cascade crest. This is a very different environment, in always-wet Pacific coast rainforest. The mood remains similar.

Cape Flattery

Captain Cook sailed past here in 1778 after a stop in Hawaii, and named this spot Cape Flattery. It's wild and rugged, and is the north-westernmost point of the lower 48.

Rosie, Sekiu WA

Rosie is a fish wearing a scanty pink bra, tennis skirt, and running shoes, and overlooks the harbor of Sekiu WA. I imagine she is thought to bring good luck to the halibut catch.

Rhododendron as a Cut Flower

This pink rhododendron is a fine flower for a week or so indoors. It sheds a few pieces as they flowers unfurl, and it's challenging finding even a somewhat straight stem due to the way they grow. It's a nice way to provide a bit of color after the tulips and camellia are finished.