Fading Light Bollards

Stylish bollards segregate roads from pedestrian areas in St Louis' Forest Park.

These are adjacent to the World's Fair Pavilion, built in 1910 from profits of the fair (officially called the Louisana Purchase Exposition) that was held in 1904.

Kinney Rim

Kinney Rim is a 1000ft high ridge extending along perhaps 20 miles of otherwise flat land on the southern edge of Wyoming.  A well maintained gravel county road crosses it in the notch visible to the top left.  The landscape looks fantastic and worth visiting.

Candy Tangerine Orange

This heavily customized Harley Davidson bagger is looking good in Candy Tangerine Orange.  It looks reasonably comfortable, and is stunning lit up like this in the city at dusk.

Hebe New Growth

This hebe has fatter stalks than the one in my previous post.  The new green growth this spring is a wonderful contrast to the pale blue leaves from last year.  The rainwater beads up against the hydrophobic leaves, and the plant itself stays dry.


This unfortunate motorist was exceeding the rather generous 70mph speed limit, and was pulled over by this well dressed representative of the Washington State Patrol for a citation.

It'll cost $144, unless the driver fights the ticket in person, as Whatcom County doesn't provide the option of requesting a deferral by mail.

Plum Blossoms, 2012

The annual plum blossom photo, marking the beginning of spring in Seattle.  This year is typical, neither early nor late.

Freezing Water #7

Freezing Water #7 by Jun Ren "represents the energy and opportunity of New China."  A well-known Chinese artist seems an odd choice as recipient of money for Vancouver public art, as the local arts community is always on the lookout for more funding.

In any case, it has a lovely appearance here against an overcast sky, and would look spectacular in better light.

289 Abbott Street

289 Abbott Street is an office space catering to creative types, like Faction Creative who have leased the 3rd floor.

It's also the unexpected home of the Slovak Consulate, which occupies the 2nd floor.  Stanislav Lisiak is the Honorary Consul there, and this post covers British Columbia.


Insite is the only place in North America where it's legal to inject non-prescription heroin.  It's a supervised injection site, meaning that you bring your own and can shoot up in the comfort and safety of a medical facility.  This scheme enjoys the support of the majority of Vancouver residents.

Although this building averages one or two overdoses each day, nobody dies, as nurses are on hand to intervene and resuscitate those who have misjudged dosage.

Cafe Affogato

Two shots of espresso are provided on the side of a cup or glass with vanella ice cream.  Affogato coffee at the Acme Cafe.

Far too few coffeehouses offer affogato coffee, which is shameful, as it provides the perfect combination of bitter and sweet to finish off a great meal.  Yum!

Vancouver Hipster

Northbound on Macdonald St in Kitsilano.

Ref: wikipedia, Hipster (contemporary subculture).
Local context: and they call it yuppie love, by Andrea at slander and love.

107-car Freight Train

Three locomotives pull a 107-car freight train along the single track parallel to US-85 near Gilcrest, CO.  Half the cars are double-height intermodal containers, making the feat even more impressive.

This view, like the linked satellite view, is looking straight south.

Ionic Capital

This Ionic capital adorns the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville.  The building was finished well before big domes for state capitols were in fashion, and is situated such that it has an excellent view in three directions, even with modern highrises encroaching nearby.


The first presses with movable type were set by hand.  This must have been incredibly tedious, but it took centuries until better methods were invented.  Supporting kerning in hand-set type is another level of complexity, one which does not appear to be implemented here.

Linotype allowed a keyboard to pick characters, and then various electronic word processors eventually led us to the present day convenience of Word.

Hats & Boots

Nashville's downtown was filled with glorious neon signage.  This shop on 3rd Ave S is at most four years old; it was Associated Salvage Co when Google last drove by.  I'm impressed, as it nicely matches the 80 year old facade.

This neighborhood is amusingly called SoBro, for South of Broadway.