Four Volcanic Peaks

From left to right, a complete set of the four volcanic peaks visible from an eastbound flight out of SeaTac: Adams, Hood, Rainier, and St Helens.  It was unusually clear, allowing for this view.

Summit Lake

Summit Lake is a hike just outside Mt Rainier National Park, and offers fine views from 5400ft over to the big mountain itself. Bear grass was blooming as the alpine opened up. Highly recommended!


I've never been so close to get a decent shot of a heron flying overhead.

Bright Tug

A brightly painted tug transits the Ballard Locks.

Tugs seem to always be in perfect repair, impeccably painted, and often have a large dog on board. Perhaps these are the basics taught in Tug School?


I was invited sailing one recent evening, and had a good time out on Puget Sound. We spent some time with the spinnaker out, and I learned how to trim it. Sadly, the wind died down so we had to power back to the marina.