Clatskanie, OR

It's challenging to compose with a very wide field of view.  This is at 16mm on a full-frame, and very close.

Clatskanie, Oregon, just off US30.

Portland Japanese Garden

The primary image associated with the Portland Japanese Garden is a spectacular maple.  Our visit was in winter, and without any deciduous foliage around, there were better views to be found elsewhere.

Angel's Rest, Columbia Gorge

This 1800ft gain led to a lovely view over a bend in the Columbia River.  Lighting was especially dramatic, as the top of the hike was right at the boundary of a foggy cloud layer.  We spent lunch drifting in and out of sunshine.

Baby Hats

There seems to be no shortage of friends and neighbors having babies, and our household likes to present a baby hat to the new arrivals.  This one has a Cat In The Hat aesthetic, and turned out beautifully.

Up on Stilts

This house has undergone a lengthy remodel, starting with being jacked up on stilts and having a new foundation poured.  Since this photo, the siding has been removed and almost every visible surface replaced.  I wonder how much original material remains?