White Giant Allium

This entire row of allium stalks bends to track the sun each day. They'll explode into orange-sized globes soon.

In hindsight, I probably should have gone with a purple variety.

Albert the Bald Eagle

Albert, or possibly his mate Eva, commands a fine view over Union Bay from a favored lamppost on SR520. Crows hassle him at every opportunity.

In a different world, but on the same bridge, Microsoft employees cross Lake Washington to get to work. There are incoherent protests against these shuttle buses; apparently some would prefer replacing them with many more single vehicle occupancy cars.

Great Blue Heron

A heron enjoys the morning in the Foster Island marsh.

Double Rainbow

This rainbow was visible from our window for perhaps 10 minutes following heavy rain. Note the inverted spectrum of the fainter double rainbow above.

Hearty Breakfast

This yummy breakfast was an excellent antidote to seemingly endless small snacks at all hours.

First Morning

This was the first morning home with our newborn son.

For readers who know me, ask and I'll share a link to our baby pictures and videos.  Irregular anonymous photo blogging will continue here.

Polish Home Association

Kielbasa, pirogi, kapusta, and golumpki await consumption at a Polish Home Association dinner. A sip of Żubrówka bison-grass vodka completes the meal. The atmosphere was excellent, and the food was tasty.

New Puppy

There's a new dog on our block! Our neighbor acquired this labradoodle, and he's pretty adorable.