Fürstenweg, Liechtenstein

Circling a ridge above the Liechtenstein capital, the Fürstenweg gives views over the Rhine for one section, pine forests for another, and pastureland for the rest.  It was a spectacular midday excursion to break up the drive to Ticino.

Susten Pass

The Swiss build some really nice infrastructure in very difficult terrain.  This is the western side of the Susten Pass, a 2260m saddle between two cantons.

Innertkirchen valley

The spectacular light gave way to heavy rain past the southern end of this valley, so our ambitious hiking plans needed an alternative.  We enjoyed a coffee and then traversed the Aare Gorge, below this viewpoint.  Improbable catwalks are nestled along very narrow walls that confine a fast-flowing river.

Cog Railway, Grütschalp

Above Laterbrunnen, there are numerous railways and gondolas going up into the mountains on either side of the valley.  This is at the Grütschalp station, looking across to the Eiger and Jungfrau.

U Pick Strawberries

It was hot the day we went picking strawberries, and there's no shade to be found in the middle of a strawberry field.  It was fortunate we took the early shift and were home before noon.

Deception Pass hike

A small bay faces westward between Reservation Head and Lighthouse Point in Deception Pass State Park.  The walk around Lighthouse Point is short, rewarding, and recommended.

Flightless Chickadee

This young chickadee must have fallen out of the nest, as it was hopping around on the deck looking quite helpless.  I'm not sure it was capable of either feeding or defending itself, so it probably became a snack for a neighborhood cat.