Deception Creek

This raging torrent is Deception Creek, forced through a series of chutes and plunges a bit over 3 miles from the trailhead.  It makes for an excellent early season hike, as the high point isn't that high, unless you overnight and press further up the valley.  Melting snow further up the valley contributed to the high level of the water.

Native Fishery

These Muckelshoot or Suquamish Indians have the good fortune of being granted customary fishing rights across the outlet of Lake Union.  When the Treaty of Point Elliott was signed in 1855, Lake Washington didn't even drain through here.  The ship canal, locks, and fish ladder greatly enhanced the value of these rights.  It makes for easy and productive fishing, so much so that the state department of fisheries (the guy in the grey shirt) needs to keep a close eye on the size of the catch.

On the other hand, pity those like the Duwamish who would have had a rich salmon catch as Lake Washington drained through Renton.  They lost their harvest when the ship canal was built a century ago.

Triumph Spitfire Golf Cart

This a Triumph Spitfire, either a Mark IV or 1500, likely from the mid-1970s.  It's been converted to be all-electric -- note the extension cable snaking across the sidewalk.

I haven't yet caught the owner to inquire about the performance and range.

More Chihuly

Truly, Chihuly is everywhere.  He's just opened a for-profit museum in the Seattle Center, and has managed to place glass in every nook and cranny in the Pacific Northwest.

Here he festoons the 2nd floor of the lovely Alaska Airlines Board Room in Seattle.

Pacific Fairy Slipper Orchid

A beautiful Pacific Fairy Slipper Orchid (Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis), seen in the Wenatchee National Forest this spring.  Although it has a green leaf or two for photosynthesis, it relies on symbiotic fungi in the soil for the energy it needs to grow and reproduce.  It is pollinated by bees that are deceived into visiting it, as this orchid produces no nectar for them to feed on.

Quite Full

Toyota claims there's 53 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front seats in this Matrix.  I only fit 37.5 (plus the dress form), and used the front passenger seat to reach that.  Most of the problem was that I was fitting square boxes into an interior that isn't very square at all.

Kitsap In, Tacoma Out

Two Washington State Ferries pass in Puget Sound.  The Kitsap comes in to dock at Pier 52, probably from Bremerton, while the much larger Tacoma heads out to Bainbridge Island.  Now that the summer schedule is on, the Kitsap runs on the Clinton-Mukilteo route.

Cross Kirkland Corridor

Burlington Northern Santa Fe sold its railway from Renton to Woodinville to the Port of Seattle in 2009.  The City of Kirkland purchased a 5 mile section of it in April 2012 with an eye to converting it to a multi-use trail.  Sound Transit continues to own an easement allowing the construction of a transit project through the corridor.  It will be challenging reconciling these two purposes.

Exploring the now-public portions of the rail line requires a bit of adventure, as there is no trail, and it is quickly becoming overgrown with opportunistic birches and maples.

Class of 2012

The undergraduate Class of 2012 of Seattle University stands at the conclusion of their convocation.  A sea of eager faces begins the a life of regular hours and gainful employment.  Alternatively, some may elect to avoid productive employment and become perpetual students.  Whatever their plans, the floor of Key Arena exuded joy, accomplishment, and pride.

Civic Industrial Art

"That Man May Use It Freely...", a glass mosaic by Jean Cory Beall.  It was commissioned in 1958 for the Seattle City Light Building on Third Avenue at Madison.

The utility left the building in 1995 (amid a scandal for the city, where the property was sold for $2.6M, and resold less than year later for twice that).  The new tenants didn't need an homage to the science of power generation, so the Museum of History and Industry got it.  Now that MOHAI is relocating, this mosaic will have to move again.

Waterfall, outfall of Copper Lake

The trail up the West Fork of the Foss River to Trout Lake has been carefully graded and maintained recently by the good folks at the Washington Trails Association.  Above that, the snow became an obstacle around 3500ft.

This is looking south to the outfall of Copper Lake.

Ford, Snoqualmie National Forest

This ford made for an exciting water crossing for our two wheel drive commuting appliance.  It was moving quite swiftly, and sliding downstream would be unforgiving.

Once across, don't forget to check your brakes!

Dexter Street

Dexter Street leads up the eastern edge of Queen Anne Hill to the Aurora Viaduct, officially designated the George Washington Memorial Bridge.  Lake Union in the lower right leads up to the Lake Washington Ship Canal, and then out to Puget Sound.

747-800F In The Wild

This Cargolux 747-800F is my first sighting of the new 747, discounting spottings of Boeing's test airframes around Seattle.  It's a longer, re-engined jumbo that is breathing new life into the 34-year old 747 design.  This one (LX-VCD) was delivered October 13th last year, and probably still has the new plane smell.

Ballard Criterium

The neighborhood of Ballard hosts an annual criterium around a few blocks including the cobblestones of Ballard Avenue.  The premier men's race started at 7:30pm and was a joy to watch.  Ian Tubbs emerged the winner, and you can see the finish here.

Space Needle in Galaxy Gold

The Space Needle seen in its original Galaxy Gold on a sunny day, dressed for its 50 year anniversary.

Galaxy Gold isn't exactly a Pantone standard, though you can buy stationary of that hue.  The color was not received positively at the time; Prince Charles noted it reminded him "of the protective paint used on bridges."  Hence the Space Needle has spent most of its life in white.