Pratt Mountain

Pratt Mountain, at 5099ft, is not the tallest peak around, but it's prominent from the east and north.  It's the face that dominates the view from this direction.

I had a good day out, but others were not so lucky.  I exchanged hellos with the victim departing the trailhead, and then at the end of my day, saw the other two of his party waiting back at the parking lot.

Hotel Vancouver

The Hotel Vancouver is the westernmost property of CN Hotels, and is now operated by Fairmont.  Peeking to the left of it is the art gallery, and then what was the Eaton's building.  It now houses both a Nordstrom store and a development office of Microsoft.

Christmas Tree

This year's Christmas Tree was personally harvested from the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, from the Lake 22 trailhead.  I believe it's a silver fir.