Fraser Canyon

The Fraser Canyon offers low-elevation access to the British Columbia interior, and was the favored route successively for the Cariboo Wagon Road (1860s), the Canadian Pacific (1880s), the Canadian National (1900s), and eventually the Trans Canada Highway (1960s).

Automobile traffic typically prefers the more direct route offered by Highway 5, except as on this trip, when winter driving conditions on Coquihalla Pass (1244m) were hazardous.

South and North Thompson River Confluence

Kamloops BC was founded as a trading post in the valley where two branches of the Thompson river join.  The confluence is just beyond these willows, seen above Lorne St and on the "wrong side" of the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks that lie between here and the city centre.

The Canadian National Railway runs on the north side of the valley, and continues that way to Edmonton; the CPR takes a completely different route from here westward across the Rockies and on to Calgary.

Christmas Tree

The purpose of the trip up the Mountain Loop Highway was to harvest a Christmas tree from the National Forest.  This one came from not far from the Mount Pilchuck trailhead, around 3200ft.  I was instructed not to bring home a tree "bigger than myself."  Being respectful of that conveniently let me fit it inside the Jeep rather than having to lash it to the roof.

Gas Valve Solenoid Replacement

Our clothes dryer is heated by gas.  There are very few parts to the mechanism, and when the dryer stopped heating, I did a bit of research to learn how to diagnose the failure.

With all other easily-tested parts proven as working, the solenoids controlling these two gas valves became the suspected cause.  The Sears parts depot had replacements at reasonable cost, and what a joy it was to hear it fire up once all the bits were put back together!

For those who might wonder how it works: when the dryer is commanded to heat, and the ambient temperature in the drum isn't too high, and the ignitor is sufficiently hot, then a pair of coils (solenoids) is energized, magnetically forcing this pair of valves to open, letting gas flow.

Overcast Snow

The clouds arrived soon after Granite Falls.  It was still a pleasure to get into the snow this early in the season, but the magic of the sunshine had to stay behind, closer to the coast.