Flying to Portland with negative cost

This weekend, I picked up my bicycle from Portland. The flight down there was left over from my citizenship trip to Australia. More precisely:
- a SEA-MEL roundtrip costs $175 more than SEA-MEL-SEA//SEA-YVR
- I routed SEA-YVR via Portland, and didn't travel onwards to Vancouver

I intended to ride back to Seattle over two days, on the Seattle-To-Portland classic route. Although beginning in Vancouver WA, I crossed into Oregon for 40.5 river miles of the Columbia, between the I-5 and the Lewis and Clark bridge.

Sadly, as I hadn't trained since Cycle Oregon last year, the 109 miles of the first day took everything I had and there was nothing left for the second day. (A convenient excuse was provided by poor weather). I took the Amtrak train back to Seattle on Sunday.

McMenamins Olympic Club hotel/bar/restaurant/theater in Centralia entertained me fully. It is highly recommended, and I hope to visit many other McMenamin locations in the coming months.


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