Seaview Boatyard

The Zenith of Adak, Alaska is a long way from home. Adak is closer to Vladivostok than Seattle. Perhaps the expertise available here at the Seaview Boatyard makes it worth the trip?

I can imagine that a Marine Travelift could be handy around the yard now and again! One could pick up and relocate the whole garage if so inclined...


mierdadelmundo said...

Seaview is concerned only with their bottom line. I believe they employ irresponsible and untrustworthy riggers in the interest of keeping overhead lower without passing that savings on to the customer. My experience has been personal, not business, but I encourage anyone looking for yacht rigging services to look elsewhere. Do NOT trust this company, quality control seems to be the least of their concerns and I have seen them lash out in defense of employees who have been implicated in very undesirable behavior. To train someone new may be more difficult than ignoring the problem and silencing those who speak up. Owning a sailboat myself, I have used other services with much success in the Puget Sound area and encourage others to do the same.

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