Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is the finest rail station in New York City.  This is the information desk in the center of the main concourse.  As the railing of the circular desk is continuous, attendants can only access it via a stairway from the lower level.

A bomb was planted in nearby lockers by Croatian nationalists in 1976, and killed an officer trying to defuse it.  In the same plot, the Croatians successfully hijacked TWA Flight 355, flew to Montreal, Reykjavík, than Paris, and were eventually arrested.  The ringleader was released from jail in the US in 2008, and hundreds (shamefully) cheered his return to Zagreb.


Nikhil said...

Wow, how did you capture this picture?

Joe said...

I braced the camera against a railing on the east mezzanine, focused on the clock, and took a half second exposure.

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