Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a beverage to be consumed with either an oversized straw, or with a long spoon.

This one was prepared at home, with the tapioca pearls bought at an asian grocery store. They're cooked for ten minutes or so to soften them. A bit of Bundaberg rum improves it nicely!


Rob Szumlakowski said...

Did you haul that Bundy all the way from Oz?

Joe said...

It was gifted by T&P, and I imagine it was acquired in North America.

beth said...

I got some tapioca pearls yesterday after seeing your post. But mine cooked for-freaking-ever and were still a bit solid. Do you just cook it til it's transparent?

Joe said...

So I've had varying experiences from different packages of tapioca pearls.

One said "boil for 45min" (!!!) and indeed they didn't get soft until >30min in.
My current package says "boil for 15min" and I go for about 12min for my desired al-dente cookedness.

So I guess there are different types. Are yours for pudding, or for bubble tea?

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