Frozen Liquor

A frozen pumpkin pie arrived via UPS today! The tracking history showed that it spent 36h enroute between Salt Lake City and Seattle. It survived this journey by being packed in an impressive styrofoam cooler, with plenty of dry ice to provide cooling.

Wondering what to do with the dry ice, I tried cooling some Bundaberg Rum. Typical 80-proof liquor solidifies at around -30°C, far colder than our freezer. Solid CO2 sublimes at -78°C, allowing for real freezing to occur. Indeed, a rum rime started forming around the dry ice pieces. Agitating the mixture led to a viscous but uniform rum sorbet!


beth said...

but.. but WHY did you receive a frozen pie?

mmmmm viscous rum sorbet.

p.s. I have a friend working on the dam project near Ellensburg if you ever want to go check that out. I'm sure he could hook you up with some behind the scenes stuff.

Joe said...

Pie was for miles. Clearly!

[I purchased 448,000 miles via a promotion requiring 5 different merchants, one of which was Omaha Steaks, who sells frozen pumpkin pie]

Toni said...

Always a deal! Mightly tasty mile pumpkin pie and rum sorbet!

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