Sghr hr mns z bktd.

Found on Lake Dell Ave, which was visited by Google before this lettering was attached.

But what does it mean? My first thought was rot-13, but that didn't produce anything meaningful. A single letter advance provided the answer:

This is not a clue.


Matt said...

I went past this wall too and wondered... it's got to be a rot-code of some kind. At first I thought it was German abbreviations for hours, minutes, seconds, but it's not. Some game called planetfall has similar coded messages, google reveals.

Unknown said...

Some friends of mine and I stumbled past this yesterday on a hike, and I took note to have a go at it later in the evening.

If you rotate each letter up by one position (s -> t, g -> h, aka ROT-1), it becomes "This is not a clue."

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