Where Coffee is Born

Caffé Vita is an excellent roaster based in Capitol Hill, Seattle. They have a large roasting operation, and provide beans to coffeehouses around the region.

This is the back room of their flagship location, where coffee is born. Some might say the coffee is actually conceived in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, or tucked in among the ruins of western Honduras. I'd argue that the coffee is born as it's roasted with care and attention, in the same area code where it will be ultimately enjoyed.


lunarbovine said...

How did you get into the back room? :)
I've found that if you show an interest in people's work, they're generally very amenable to taking you into places you're not usually supposed to be. ;) I've been able to get into all kinds of interesting spots that way.

Joe said...

My approach this time matches yours. In other cases, it is easier begging forgiveness than asking permission...

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