7.2 tons of fuel

A friendly captain invited me to tour the cockpit of N452UA, a 14-year old A320 operated by United, prior to a San Diego departure for San Francisco.  I jumped at the chance, expressing the interest of the 10 year old boy that lives inside me.  Sitting in the captain's chair, the first officer asked if I had any questions.  I asked the quantity of fuel on board, and he quickly pointed at the gauge showing 14,400 lbs.

This was our third trip aboard this specific airframe.  Both of the others were Chicago to Seattle.


lunarbovine said...

It's so cool that they let you visit the cockpit. Super jealous. I got to do this on a trip to Florida when I was 8. The closest I've been to the front of the plane since 9/11 has been the mid-plane galley washroom.

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